Maddy's shot
The gang assembles for a great breakfast with fresh rasberry jam on these little pancake ball doohickies.
Andrew and I stopped by his tree farm / studio to get a few supplies.
Mention has to be made of Spot and her evil twin, Sonny. Life with Sonny added an element of danger and suspense to the weekend. You never knew whether Sonny was happy to take a bite with you or a bite of you.
Only five artcars were able to attend this year's festivities although seven art car artists were in attendance. We started our tour with a stop in Prairie Du Chein, WI. to shop for various useless plastic items. We passed on the live chickens.
And four leaf clovers!
Andrew explained the difference between a hollow and a coulee while the kids picked wildflowers. A hollow is a valley that empties away from the Mississippi to the Wisconsin River and a coulee empties into the mighty Miss.
The tree farm is loaded with interesting still lifes and some active life as well.
Our second stop was Dan and Donna's garden. D and D have created a whimsical garden that any artcar would be proud to back over.
We drove through the beautiful highlands of western Wisconsin until we were lured into a car wash by the promise of shiny artcars. It was not to be, for reasons we couldn't understand the cars looked worse after being washed by these hoodlums.
"What are they doing to my car?!" wonders Max.
Dave remains unfazed even after being attacked by birds while napping.
Jane soaks up the sun and quietude upon our arrival at Dianne and Andrew's new place near McGregor, Iowa. Situated in the high country above the Mississippi River, they have about 30 acres of prairie and woods to frolic in.
This concludes Part One of
Drive On The Edge 2001
(Click on the pic above to see Part Two)
They also have a wonderful cabin for rent on their back acres.
Morning in the country. Beyond the trees is the Mississippi River Valley. At night you can see the search lights of the river tugs as they make their way through the darkness watching for danger.
Drive On The Edge 2001
Part One
"No, not here, go to the next picture."
Drive On The Edge is an annual artcar event (this is the fourth year) hosted by Pesky Thoughts Theater with Dianne Whitney and Andrew Wroble.
Dave, Maddy, Jill, Analia, Erica, Skye, Drew, Jan and Kozzmo.
Take a little off the sides. . .
No really, we were having fun!
Dianne, Andrew, Jill, Craig, Jan, Ruthann and Erica.