Ruthann says "Freeze!"
Yes, that's a frozen lake we're driving on folks, Lake Minnetonka near Minneapolis, Minnesota!
Joe Woodside in the JoeMobile.
Mina Leierwood and the Spider Van
A two-lane highway that lasts for 2 months.
Shawn Allison and the Karmacamelian.
. . .and a TV. Joe often sleeps out here in his little house on the ice. Not to worry, the ice is two feet thick, thick enough to drive a semi truck on!
The frosty gang: Craig Upright, Joe Woodside, Riley Haynes, Max Haynes, Jan Elftmann,
Mina Leierwood, Kristin Rafferty and Allan Coccoluto, Ruthann Godollei and Shawn Allison.
Joe's deluxe ice fishing shanty. They plow roads on the ice when the snow gets too deep.
Ruthann Godollei's Green Gear Volvo with Craig Upright and Jan.
Kristin Rafferty and Allan Coccoluto on an art snowmobile!! Complete with gas heat, margaritas. . .
February 8th, 2004 An annual parade scheduled for the 2nd Sunday in February, come join us next year!
Cate, the Rainbow Repair Sevice Mobile
Jan Elftmann and the catch of the day! It only takes a few minutes to get frozen fish in this environment.